The Player displays the applications created using the D2Soft Engine. It is the client-side interpreter that renders HTML5 code inside the web browser. The Player receives the proper JavaScript code from the Engine's BASIC-like scripting code, ready to run and optimized for display. The Player automatically stretches its size based on available viewing space.

The Player has two distinct areas: the screen and the HUD.


The screen is the main area of the Player, where applications are displayed. The user can interact with an application in this area. The actual size of the screen is 640x640 pixels. For screen coordinates, the origin (0,0) is the upper-left corner of the screen.


The HUD (heads-up display) is an add-on area displayed when a user is connected with a profile. It displays the profile's picture, as well as other relevant information that can be determined when building the application. The HUD has a size of 640x192 pixels (in portrait mode) and 192x640 pixels (in landscape mode). The HUD is automatically positioned around the screen whenever the display orientation changes.


Parameters can be provided to the Player for configuration purpose. See list.


Some keyboard shortcuts are accessible within the Player:

Key Description
F1 Open custom menu 1
F2 Open custom menu 2
F3 Open custom menu 3
F4 Open custom menu 4
F5 Open the Debug Console
F6 Toggle pause
F7 Switch between fullscreen and normal size
F8 Display HUD