Defines an image to use as a background. Recommended size of image is 640x640. If the image is smaller, it will be automatically repeated. However note that when using a "move" effect, to make sure the scrolling isn't interrupted, calculate 640 divided by image width (and height) must give a whole number. For example, valid images: 32x32 pixels, 64x64 pixels, 32x64 pixels, and so on.

BGIMAGE: lower background image;
BG2IMAGE: intermediate background image just over BGIMAGE. Add transparency to image to see through;
TOPIMAGE: top-most image displayed over all other backgrounds and images in the screen. Use this as a frame, for example. Add transparency to image to see through;


BGIMAGE "imageKey", "effect", speed
BG2IMAGE "imageKey", "effect", speed
TOPIMAGE "imageKey", "effect", speed


  • imageKey: image to use (required);
  • effect: possible effect to add:
    • "move-left" scrolls to the left continually by repeating the image over, allowing a scrolling effect;
    • "move-right" scrolls right;
    • "move-up" scrolls up;
    • "move-down" scrolls down;
  • speed: scrolling speed, from 1 (slow) to 10 (fast). If unspecified, default value is 5.


'--> BGIMAGE: Main background image
BGIMAGE "clouds"
BGIMAGE "clouds", "move-left"
BGIMAGE "clouds", "move-left", 4

'--> BG2IMAGE: adds extra background layer, should have transparency in image
BG2IMAGE "birds"
BG2IMAGE "birds", "move-right"
BG2IMAGE "birds", "move-right", 6

'--> TOPIMAGE: top-most image, need to have transparency in image to see content on screen
TOPIMAGE "frame"
BG2IMAGE "frame", "move-down"
BG2IMAGE "frame", "move-down", 1

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