Get Started!

What is the D2Soft Engine?

The D2Soft Engine is a programmable game & media engine written using HTML5 technologies and that executes into web browsers via the Player, the client-side interpreter. A BASIC-like scripting language is used to write programs for the engine.

Here is an example app running inside the Player. Click on it to try.

Who does it target?

Anyone can use the engine. Beginners will be able to start learning programming with our tutorials and samples, building simple apps in matter of minutes. Experimented programmers enjoy quick prototyping using the engine and write complete apps integrating graphics, texts, music, sounds, voices and more. Professionals, businesses and schools can use our technology for a multitude of projects.

What are the features?

Some of the features of the D2Soft Engine:

  • Features
  • Easily write games, interactive apps, animations, demos, stories, animated books and a lot more and view them online;
  • No installation required, fast to get started;
  • Easy to learn by kids and adults;
  • BASIC-like Scripting Language, great for quick prototypes;
  • Web-based and cloud-based;
  • Runs inside any web browser and support touch control;
  • HTML5 client-side player supporting a wide range of mobile and desktop browsers;
  • Lightweight technology that loads fast and doesn't require a fast Internet connection;
  • Built-in assets (graphics, fonts, sound, music);
  • Text-to-Speech with Neural Language;
  • Online sharing of apps (coming);
  • Host your apps on a website (coming);
  • Account creation for users/businesses (coming);
  • Monetization and customer management (coming);
  • Built-in level editor for more complex game development (coming).