BASIC-Like Scripting Language

The D2Soft Engine uses a scripting language that is highly inspired by the BASIC programming language. BASIC is a high-level programming language designed for ease of use.

Programming games or apps using the D2Soft Engine is easy using this scripting language. Our samples and our tutorials offer a quick way to learn. You can also refer to the keywords for a complete list of commands to use in your scripts.


Here is an example code using our BASIC-like scripting language:

' My first app using the D2Soft Engine!

img1 = IMAGE "bear", (200,200)
ONCLICK img1, bearClick

SUB bearClick
  TEXT "You clicked the bear!", (200, 150)
  SOUND "click"

In matter of minutes, you can start writing fun programs using all our built-in assets (images, sounds, fonts, musics, voices).

Your programs are saved on our servers. Our code generator automatically translates your BASIC code into HTML5-compatible JavaScript code to run into the Player in web browsers. The D2Soft Engine takes care of all the complexity of rendering, animating and making everyting work, so that you can focus on coding the fun stuff with an easy-to-learn scripting language!