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Review: Weehoo iGo Two bike trailer - in French

Not everything is about work all the time. We have a take a break once in a while and enjoy life with our little ones. There's a nice review (in French) of the Weehoo iGo Two bike trailer on Bouge Petit's site:

Nous avons testé la Weehoo iGo Two : du plaisir à vélo pour la famille

The Weehoo is a really nice alternative to putting a seat on your bike or buying a bulky Chariot trailer.

Enjoy your family activity :)

Prevent Microsoft Edge from re-opening browser tabs of malicious websites

Here's a trick really handy if you happen to open a website that has been hacked by a virus. In my case, the site would display a popup clearly from a virus. First thing was to go to Task Manager and terminate Microsoft's Edge process. However, upon restarting Edge, all tabs would re-open, including the malicious page. Surprisingly, I wasn't able to find anyway to reset the tabs or start Edge in a safe mode. After a search, I found that the solution is to delete all temporary files located in the following folder:


Once I deleted the files and restarted Edge, the browser started normally.

Keep Your Digital Photos Safe

It is important to manage and organize your digital photos.  Are you using an online service to keep a copy of your precious memories?

If you want to both manage and backup your photos, then you need to try PhotoDeluge.  Make sure to read these posts to learn more:

How to Manage and Organize Your Digital Photos

Tips When Travelling With Your Digital Camera Equipment

By taking a copy of your digital files in the cloud, you make sure to have a backup in case of any problem with your local copies.  Take action today!