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How to configure Windows Live Mail 2011 under Windows 7 to work with Hotmail (now Outlook)

I had an older computer that I needed to quickly sync to an old Hotmail email address.  After a quick search, I found this article which works to set up the software Windows Live Mail 2011 for Windows 7:

Windows Live Mail and Outlook Mail

Worked for me!

Review: Weehoo iGo Two bike trailer - in French

Not everything is about work all the time. We have a take a break once in a while and enjoy life with our little ones. There's a nice review (in French) of the Weehoo iGo Two bike trailer on Bouge Petit's site:

Nous avons testé la Weehoo iGo Two : du plaisir à vélo pour la famille

The Weehoo is a really nice alternative to putting a seat on your bike or buying a bulky Chariot trailer.

Enjoy your family activity :)

Prevent Microsoft Edge from re-opening browser tabs of malicious websites

Here's a trick really handy if you happen to open a website that has been hacked by a virus. In my case, the site would display a popup clearly from a virus. First thing was to go to Task Manager and terminate Microsoft's Edge process. However, upon restarting Edge, all tabs would re-open, including the malicious page. Surprisingly, I wasn't able to find anyway to reset the tabs or start Edge in a safe mode. After a search, I found that the solution is to delete all temporary files located in the following folder:


Once I deleted the files and restarted Edge, the browser started normally.