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Add Webcam Video Recording in Google Wave (new gadget)

Are you using Google Wave?  Then, you need to try our Nimbb Gadget for Google Wave!  It allows to quickly record a video using a webcam and share it with all participants in the wave.

To take a look at installing and adding the gadget, click on the image below to see our video screencast.  For complete steps, see below.

To install this gadget, you need to use this extension installer URL:

Complete steps to install the gadget:

1) open Google Wave in your browser;

2) in the Navigation menu, click on the Settings link;

3) click on the Extension Settings wave;

4) in the wave, find the Extension Installer created by Google (if you can't find it, check the Google Wave Extensions).  Make sure the Extension Installer is installed.  If not, click Install;

5) Click on New wave;

6) In the Toolbar of your wave, click the icon New Extension Installer;

7) insert this extension manifest URL:

8) click Install extension (as you can see in this image):


9) In the Toolbar, notice the new icon of the green camera.  Click on it to add a Nimbb Gadget.

10) Record and Save your video.  Enjoy!

Thank you for testing our gadget!


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Comment by Graphology on 2012/10/12:
Hello, your post is really nice and thank you so much for sharing this gadget info. Thanks for sharing. Regards