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Build a Twitter-Video Site in 4 Minutes (and 1 Line of Code)

Using Visual Studio and the Nimbb Player, I show you how you can build a basic Twitter-Video site in a few minutes.  I create the site from scratch using the WYSIWYG editor and I actually type only one line of C# code.  You can easily reproduce this using your favorite programming language.

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In this tutorial, I do the follow:

- Create a master template page;
- Create 3 pages: Default, Record and Done;
- Add a menu;
- Create a database with Video table which contains the columns guid and dateCreated;
- In the Default page, I create a DataList using the Nimbb Player in viewer mode;
- In the Record page, I add the Nimbb Player in record mode with redirection to Done page after recording of video;
- In the Done page, I save the received guid into the database.

This example shows you how simple it is to use the Nimbb API in your site.  You can also see how powerful the Nimbb Player is.  You can use it in just any Web projects you have.

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