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Add a Video Contact Form to Your Site in 5 Minutes

Using the Nimbb API, I show you how you can let your visitors record a video message using their Webcam in a simple contact form.  I'm using very simple HTML code and a few lines of C# to send an email to the Webmaster.  You can easily translate this in your favorite programming language.

Click here to view the video tutorial!

In this video, I use Visual Studio 2005 and C#, but you can easily translate this to your favorite programming language.

In this video, I do:

- add Contact.aspx: the contact form with Nimbb Player;
- add Done.aspx: page displayed when the user submit the form;
- send email to the Webmaster with link to the content of form;
- add Admin.aspx: administration page to view the video.

Thank you for watching!