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How to create a Twitter-video site in 3 minutes

Using simple HTML programming and the Nimbb Player (Flash API), I show you how you can create a basic Twitter-video site.  I am using Visual Studio 2005 and C#, but this is very simple code that you could reproduce in any other language. 

Click to open the tutorial!

In this 3m45s video, I do the following:

  • create a new WebSite project;
  • add a MasterPage (this is only for the layout applied at the end);
  • create 3 pages: Default, Record, Done
  • add the recording HTML/Javascript code for the Nimbb Player in the Record page;
  • create a XML DataSet to store the saved video GUID;
  • add the server-side code in the Done page to save the videos in the DataSet;
  • create a repeater to display the list of videos in the Default page;
  • finally, apply a nice layout to the site by modify the MasterPage.

This video shows just how easy you can integrate the Nimbb Player.  All you need is an account, so go grab one.  Hope this can help you guys out there looking for a way to integrate webcam recording in your projects without having to mess with Flash Media Server.

Source code for this sample site will be posted soon.

UPDATE: download source code here!