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Game Review: No More Heroes (Wii)

No More Heroes is a good mature game.  It's a very original title, and in fact, I think I haven't seen a game on a Nintendo console displaying that much blood before!  Using your Wii Remote, you control Trevis Touchdown in a fun and twisted story where you aim to go from 11th-ranked assassin to the top.  Using jedi-like laser swords called Katana, you slash your way to the top of the United Assassins Association.  And talk about originality: you save your game by using the toilet!

I completed the game in about 11 hours.  I would say that the first hour of game play, I wasn't sure to continue on.  But when the story got more interesting, I actually couldn't stop playing.  The combat system using your laser sword is really cool, and doesn't get old.  I really liked the cartoon style of the game and the many “insides” to the oldschool games (like the ranking system displayed as an old Atari-like scoreboard).  The game has GTA-like play style, where you can drive in the Santa Destroy city using your bike.  You can do many side missions to earn money, buy equipment and outfits, train your character or find hidden stuff.

This brings me to the drawbacks of the game.  Make no mistake; this is nowhere close to the GTA quality you are used to.  Driving is often frustrating and the collision detection system really sucks.  Also, since you have to earn money to progress with the main missions, you have to get jobs.  However, this means a lot of driving from A to B. Then, repeat again.  And again.  And if you fail a side mission, you have to go back and drive again.  If driving was more fun, this could have been less painful.

Another thing that I noticed in the first few main missions, the levels are often repetitive.  It's like you are doing the same level twice before seeing the end-boss.  This annoyed me, but hopefully, in the last few missions, they stopped using this level design and went for more originality.

Overall, this is a great Wii title.  I would have given it a 9/10, but given the problems and few bugs, I'm giving it 8/10.  This is one really original title for the Wii you must really try!

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