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Microblogging is pretty hot this week.  On Tuesday, Google announced that it just bought the Jaiku service.  An interesting move from Google.  Many are wondering why it's not Twitter instead that was acquired.  In fact, Jaiku has way less users.  So Google is not buying users.  Some might say that Jaiku has more feature offerings than Twitter.  And this might be just the reason why (that is, one of the reasons).

In the meanwhile, I'm happy to announce that IRateMyDay has passed the 7000 users mark.  And in a few days, the site will be one year old!  So time to celebrate!

I think microblogging is getting very interesting and attractive to more users everyday.  Many users like the fact that they don't have to manage big and lengthy blog posts.  And with IRateMyDay, then get access to a great community of users around the world!

Let's keep this up!