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News Interceptor 3, Now One Year Old

Time passes by pretty fast, as I can tell by the fact that the first beta of News Interceptor 3 was released on May 23th 2005, one year ago.  NI3 has improved quite well for its first year.  Of course, more features are yet to come in this upcoming second year.

Although version 3 is now one year old, the very first version of NI was released back on May 22th, 2002.  At the time, since RSS was not much spread, we used a custom HTML parsing engine to get the news content off the Web sites.  At first, it did the trick quite well.  But eventually, as more sites were manually added in the software and reached about 1000, supporting all these custom sites parsing was pretty hard.  Thankfully, with the release of NI2 (and eventually NI3), RSS was now fully used and made my life a lot easier!

I would like to thank all of you that supported News Interceptor for all those years.  A lot more years are to come (don't worry).  And if you aren't using NI3 yet, download it today!