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Facebook Forbids Password Input Fields To Developers

This morning I realised that there was a problem with my IRateMyDay Facebook application.  It's been 2 days since there were no new users coming from it.  After a quick investigation, I found the following message on my Facebook application:

HTML error while rendering tag "input": password_inputs forbidden by flavor CanvasFBMLFlavor

Of course, it didn't took me long to figure they decided to disable the usage to password input boxes on their site.  This of course isn't such a big deal, as I corrected the situation to use a stand input text instead, which is kind of awkward since I feel like going back 12 years in the past when developers didn't use password inputs.

Still, I can understand why Facebook took this decision: to make sure users wouldn't give away their Facebook login information in some kind of hoax application.  But there are a few issues I have with their decision.

Firstly, they should have noticed all developers about this.  In fact, there's not a small mention of it on their latest news (Platform Status).  A quick search in the developers' threads also tells me that I'm not the only one thinking this.

Secondly, disabling password fields kind of causes a problem to all developers that want to link a Facebook account to an account on their service.  For example, linking your StumbleUpon account to your Facebook application.  Or as in my case, linking your IRateMyDay account to Facebook (although I have built a solution to this).

I hope that Facebook will continue to consider all third-party developers as their own, and make sure we are aware of such dramatic changes.  I know a lot of broken applications currently because of this.

Anyway, IRateMyDay application is now back on track.


Comment by Benjamin on 2009/05/19:
At the time, the only solution was to use a plain simple text box and add a blinking red text "Note: make sure nobody checks over your shoulder!". Haven't changed this since.

Comment by Jaime Andres Davila on 2009/05/18:
Hi Benjamin, look I'm doing a simple app for facebook, but as you said, sometimes it's necessary to include a password field, how can do this if facebook doesn't allow me