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Playing With Facebook (I Need Testers!)

I've been playing with the Facebook API during the last few days.  I'm working on a yet-to-be-released application for Facebook.

I'm actually new to Facebook, so getting used to the site was the first step.  Then, I started working on my Facebook application.  Being used to programming with the Microsoft documentation, I must say that the documentation on Facebook could be improved.  If you're coding and looking for more documentation, check this Wiki site.

So after one day trying to understand how Facebook applications work (which is not that simple), I managed to get my application working!  It's still in development.  But in a few days (if not a day), I should complete a first beta.

I need Facebook users to try my application! If you would like to try it, contact me.  I'll send you all the information as I complete my beta.  Thanks!