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Improving Advertisements in Feeds (Part 1)

I've been working on updating the advertisement system in RSScache.  I had these updates planed for some time and finally got time to check it.  RSScache can insert ads into news descriptions and look like this:

Ad example

These ads are integrated as images in the descriptions.  Webmasters that create an account can enable these ads in their RSS feeds.  This was already working, but lacked some control on the ads display interval.  This is now fixed and in a next update, Webmasters will be able to select the interval.

But what I really wanted to add is a second way to integrate ads.  Instead of inserting an image into a news description, it's now possible to insert the ad as a plain simple news!  This means that the ad is now a news inserted between the other news of the feed.  This will give far better visibility to the ads.  The display interval will also be selectable for the Webmaster in the next part of the update.  All ads have the prefix "[Ad]" in the title.

If you are a Webmaster, you can already enable these advertisement systems for your feed.  Create your account today!