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IRateMyDay Reminder: a Desktop Application

I released two days ago a desktop application that works on all Windows platforms (using Microsoft .Net Framework 2).  IRateMyDay Reminder is a small utility that runs in the System Tray as a background task.  It regularly verifies if it's time to rate your day.  All you need is to specify your IRateMyDay account email.  Here's a screenshot:

The application is simple and will help you remember to evaluate your day.  So go install it now!

: the application will notice you if a new version is released.  In fact, I have greater plans for this small application, so you might want to start using it today!


Comment by Sebastián Echeverry on 2009/02/08:
I have made a plugin for IRate, you can see it working on my page

Comment by Benjamin on 2007/05/18:
Pay: a WordPress plugin should be possible soon as an API for IRateMyDay is on the way :)

Comment by Pay on 2007/05/18:
Great. I'm gonna try this later, I hope it works in Windows Vista. I'm addicted in Its fun! I'm just hoping someone can integrate this to wordpress. Twitter and Jaiku has one. A plugin is great for you guys. As of now I can show Iratemyday in my blogsite through RSS only. I'm thinking the avatar will appear even the date and comment too.