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Twitter, Jaiku, MyBlogLog, IRateMyDay: Evolving Web 2.0

Well, I have to say, I didn't expect this when I started  You know how it is: you get a good idea and develop it, thinking you pretty much alone in this World having it and then BANG! – you see many other similar ideas appear.  There's this old saying: "When you get an idea, someone else on the other side of the Earth also got it".

Well for the last few months, I was thinking I was all alone.  Doing my stuff, I was the inventor of Instant Blogging.  Everything was just plain smooth.

But recently, I was contacted by a few editors, asking me if my site was in a similar category to the site Twitter. "What's that?  Hold on, I'll check it out."

Twitter: tell to the World what you are doing. Can't write much more than a few words.  Hum.  Instant blogging, too.  Pretty similar to IRateMyDay's concept. "What the ..."

Well, what do you know.  I wasn't as alone as I thought.

So finally, is this a bad news?  NOT AT ALL!  It's actually a pretty good news.  Why?  Because it simply shows one thing: THE CONCEPT DOES WORK!  People are willing to give more information about their private lives.  They want to share this with others.

But why does it actually work?  Why does users come back often on those sites to express their feelings or tell what they are doing?  I think there are a few explanations:

1) Traditional blogging is not as much fun as before: it takes too much time to maintain, you actually have to say something intelligent.

2) People are more connected than ever: just think about what it is to forget your cell phone somewhere.

3) People want results, FAST: is it just me, or do we tend to forget that we are in a stressful World.

4) Virtual identity more important than the real one: Second Life, anyone.

So, all this to say: Web 2.0 is evolving.  And this evolution is in how we can communicate faster with others.  You can see this in the new services like Twitter, Jaiku, MyBlogLog and IRateMyDay that are gaining an unexpected amount of interest.  Some even say this new market could beat MySpace.  Right, maybe.  But the fun part is, these services can actually live WITH traditional blogging.  And that's a great news for everyone.