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IRateMyDay : 1111 Users Reached!

Well, this is a first real milestone for my site  On March 15th, I reached 1000 users!  Yep, so it took 145 days since the start to get there.  As you might guess, the first 1000 users is always the hardest.  Getting another 1000 will be a lot faster from now on.  For me, getting to 10 000 users is the next big step.  If everything goes as planed, this should happen somewhere in June.

When I do a quick recap of the last 5 months, I saw the site evolve into an active community.  I'm very happy to see how the site has turned into a place where people can share their thoughts without the fear of being judged.  It's actually pretty interesting to see that the users try to cheer-up other users they don't even know and don't even live in the same country.  It's truly inspiring to see that feelings are the same around the World, no matter where you live.

Recent features I added to the site might explain in part the success the site is getting, like RPG-like experience points, the IRateMyDay gadget for Windows Vista and the personalization you can get for your profile.  But over all these fun features, I think the main reason of such a success is that everyone can find in the site someone that will listen to him.

So until my next milestone, I hope you keep on using IRateMyDay each day!