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New Gadget for Windows Vista!

Well, I finally got my hands on Windows Vista and was really looking forward to developing a gadget for it.  Of course, I instantly thought of creating one that works with my site (after a few friends asked for it).  Well, the IRateMyDay gadget is now completed and published on the Windows Live Gallery, so download it now!

So how does the gadget works?  Pretty simple: once installed, you can add an instance of the gadget on your desktop.  Then, all you need to do is to configure it by specifying the name of the user you want to see.  For example, here's my desktop with a couple of instances I added to my Sidebar:

Pretty cool!  And what's best: when one user updates his rating, the gadget will display a small bubble to tell you it changed!  And by the way, the gadget is working in both English and French (depending on your local settings).

So if you have Vista, it's time to try it!  Here's all the links:

Need help with the gadget: Help page
Download: IRateMyDay gadget