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IRateMyDay Introduces RPG in Web 2.0

I think this is pretty unique.  We have added a new concept to experience points!  It's like Web 2.0 meets RPG (Role Playing Game).  The concept is that you gain experience points as you participate in the site.  For example, you get points for rating your day or writing a comment to someone.  When points are awarded, you will see this:

The number of points gained is given according to several factors. Thus, each participation can give you a different number of points. The points are then converted into an experience level.  In your account, you can see your current level:

When you have reached a new level, you will see this message:

What is really cool about this is that you can unlock more features in the site as you upgrade your level.  So the more you participate in the site, the more features you will access!

Now, go try it out on!