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IRateMyDay Integrates in Windows Live Messenger

Do you use Windows Live Messenger?  Do you often change your picture and your personal message based on your current mood?  Then you will be happy to learn that you can now automatically update your Windows Live Messenger settings based on the ratings you do with!

How?  Very simple! You only need to install our new script IRateMyDay DP that works with the add-on Messenger Plus! Live (you need it before installing the script).  Once you install the script, the Options window opens:

You just need to enter the user name you have on  Once this is done, you will see your picture in Windows Live Messenger change based on your latest rating!

As simple as that!  The script checks every 30 minutes if you changed your rating of the day.

To get started, get these:
1) Messenger Plus! Live addon
2) our IRateMyDay DP script

Enjoy this free goody!