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Instant Blogging: From Concept to Reality

Since October, I've been developing my new site,  The vision I had of this site was to get blogging to a higher level, where writing content wasn't a matter.  That's a concept I dubbed Instant Blogging (actually found this term used around a bit but without a specific definition).  Through, users can briefly describe a thought or emotion that occurs at a certain time – an instant – in the day.

I started working on the prototype site and put it online on October 21th so that a few friends could try it.  They digged the site's concept pretty fast.  I even got a lot of good comments from a few computer neophytes, and I was surprised to see them visit the site on a daily basis to rate their days.

I think that this concept of instant blogging just tells us one thing: people want to share even more about their state of mind.  I actually got myself pretty hooked up by my site and regularly rated my day myself and enjoyed it.  Blogging without thinking thoroughly really bring a new experience.

Here's a quick example of the difference of blogging and instant blogging.  For this current blog post, I had to think it, rephrase a few times, write some more sentences, do some searching and find a title that best matches the content of my text.  It took me about 30 mins or so.  That's blogging.  On another hand, I just did a quick rating on IRateMyDay with only one sentence that describe how I feel, all that in less than 10 seconds.  That's what I call instant blogging!

Bringing this site from concept to reality was (and still is) a lot of fun.  I just integrated the new site design, which gives a lot more credibility to IRateMyDay.  I also enjoy playing with the data I gather, for example with the World Map.  As more users rate their day, things will get pretty interesting!

If you want to give it a try, create your account and rate your day!