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RSS feeds: Lots and Lots of News

One thing really nice about is the way it provides incredibly accurate statistics.  The service has been running a little bit more than two years and I thought I should generate some global statistics of the usage for that period.  One thing I wanted to see is how many total requests were done to the service (where a request is one access to a feed).  Another thing is the total number of news returned to the users (where a news is considered one item in a feed).  So here are the results:

Total requests: 201.416.308
Total news sent: 385.488.842

These are pretty big numbers!  One thing to notice is that the total news sent is a little less than the double of the number of requests.  You might ask yourself how come that can be, since a request should generally return about 10 news (considering that most feeds contain around 10 items).  So shouldn't we see the total number of news sent to be nearer to 2 billions?  Actually, if we wouldn't be using the technology behind RSScache, we would expect such a number.  But since RSScache is designed to return only the news that the users have not seen before, we have gained an impressive news delivery optimization.

So, based to these statistics, we can safely assume that we have saved more than 80% of our bandwidth usage!  Quite an incredible achievement.