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Some News Interceptor 3 Technology Insight

I'm planning a new release for News Interceptor 3 maybe today or tomorrow with some minor added features/fix.  Till then, I thought I would give you some insight on the unique NI3 technology.

NI3 parsing engine is not a stand-alone engine like you would normally have with usual RSS readers.  NI3 is actually crawling all feeds thought the service (also our technology).  What does this mean?  Instead of crawling a feed directly from the source server, NI3 asks RSScache to get this feed.  In turn, RSScache checks if the feed is in its cache and return the data to NI3.  Very simple so far, since RSScache acts as a proxy between NI3 and the feeds' servers.

What is so special about this approach?  Well RSScache is not just a simple proxy; it also is intelligent.  This means that each time NI3 requests a feed, RSScache only returns the news that you haven't seen before.  So instead of always downloading 20 news for a feed, you will get most of the time 0 or only 1 news (since the previous 19 news you already have them).  You can now see why the refresh time of all feeds in News Interceptor 3 can be a lot faster than in another RSS reader.

This technology applies especially well for our News Interceptor 3 Pocket software version.  Many users that use PDA with cellular mobile Internet access have limited monthly bandwidth and with our technology, it's possible to use our RSS reader with minimal bandwidth!

This is a first quick explanation of NI3 technology.  Send me your questions regarding NI3!