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NI3 Feed Search Improved

One of the very strong features of News Interceptor 3 is the feed searching capability.  It makes it easy for new users to get started and even to advanced users to find new feeds.  When you search for feeds in NI3, you actually search into the directory of feeds cached by  Another thing that is great is that all the feeds included in the directory are feeds that have been added by other users.

So for this new beta release of NI3, I decided to improve the search window.  Now, searching for feeds is even better with a cleaner interface, as shown in the screen shot:

And since I wanted to show just how much feeds have been added by all NI3 users, I included at the bottom of the window a real-time number of the total feeds you can search into ("37529 feeds available for search!").  So check this number often, as it will continue to increase.

If you would like other search options, let me know.  In the meanwhile, download the latest version of NI3!