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Sometimes, You Must Let Go

I just released a new version News Interceptor 3.  But not without some hard work.  Actually, this release was to contain a few "small but useful" features.  Sometimes, what appears to be a simple thing to do is actually quite the opposite and drains even more time than you would actually think.  It happened this time with a feature that was requested by some users.  I wanted to simulate, a bit like Outlook does, catching the mouse wheel movement in the different parts (controls) of NI3, so that you wouldn't not need to click a part before the wheel would work.  Well, I've been on this thing for way to long, so I decided to let go this feature for this release.  I might get back on it later on, though.  Until then, just remember that it's no wonder that there is practically no software that implements such a feature.  Actually, the only one that I know is Outlook!  Sometimes, the effort is just not worth it.

Otherwise, this new release implements Gzip decoding for feeds that are compressed.  This should be useful to some of you.