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Most of you will not know this, but back in 1996, I created a Web site called  It was a digital post office, allowing you to send… digital postcards!  At that time, I create the site almost only plain HTML and a few lines of CGI (Perl language).  All images were hand-drawn by my sister (she's really good) and I scanned them.  In the next following years (up until 2001, if I recall correctly), I improved and made many new version of this site.  It was pretty popular.

In 2001, I closed the site for some reasons (mainly, I was onto other projects).  Many users missed this site which brought them joy when sending or receiving cards.  Although my other projects took all my time, I always had in mind to make this site come back one day.  Well, this day has happened!

Since I needed to improve my coding style using ASP.NET 2 and Visual Studio 2005, I decided that it was the perfect small project.  So during the last week, I have written the site.

IMPORTANT: I haven't done any layout work (just put a background and font style).  So, ya, the site is looking kind of, well, beta-style!  But still, give it a try, as everything else is working.

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