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NI3 Gets Reviewed by

One of my favorite software download site just did a review of News Interceptor 3.  NI3 was already a Softpedia Pick (5/5) for some time, and now they did a complete review of the Beta 18.  Softpedia rated it at an overall 4/5, which is great, especially since NI3 is still in beta.  A strong rating of NI3 is the ease of use (5/5).  I am always trying to develop this software so that anyone can start to use it without reading any documentation.  So far it has proven successful, as I have not even written any help file and I still have a lot of users.  Since NI3 is still beta, the reviewer had concerns regarding some features, help and pricing.  Well these will be answered when NI3 final is released, so don't fear!  Hopefully, in a few weeks, NI3 will be no more in beta.  Thanks for Softpedia for taking the time to review NI3!

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