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Finally, it Opens in a New Window!

Well for one year that News Interceptor 3 has been in development, I hadn't much time to look at opening news in a new window when using Internet Explorer.  At first I was using Firefox so the problem wasn't there since it opened each news in a separate tab.  Later on, I switched to Opera and no problem there also.  And as I continued to develop NI3, I pushed down the priority of opening news in a new window.  Well, now that I recently formatted my primary development computer, I got back using IE6 and I got really annoyed about the news opening in my already open browser windows!  So I pulled this feature to the top of the list and there it is!  Sorry to all IE users who have been waiting for it so long, but you can now activate the new feature.

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Comment by tyson fu on 2006/09/22:
so good!