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Game Development Using the .Net Framework

Well finally, Microsoft has done something to bring game development to the .Net community: XNA Game Studio Express.  This product is still in Beta, but a first look at it seems very promising.  One thing to notice is that it works only with Microsoft Visual C# 2005 Express Edition (and not with the full suites of Visual Studio 2005).  The XNA Game Library is a managed code wrapper over the DirectX library with everything you need to create a fast (or slow) 2D or 3D arcade game.  The package comes with a build-in game demo which demonstrates most aspects of a 2D game.  Compiling of this demo went well for me (but I saw some complains from others on Microsoft's forum).  Still, making the demo work with the keyboard required some tweaking of the code, since by default, the game responds to a Xbox 360 controller.  The reason is that the XNA Game Studio can produce games that can run on both PC and Xbox 360.  One concern I have after compiling the demo is the memory usage of the game (about 165Mb).  I haven't had the time to check this issue more, but surely this can be fixed.  Nevertheless, the XNA Game Studio Express is well worth a look if you are looking for a free solution to do some game development.