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Dreamfall: The Longest Journey (Xbox)

This entry won't be about my .Net development, for once ;)  I just completed playing the Xbox game Dreamfall: The Longest Journey and I am totally overwhelmed by this game.  I usually get bored pretty quickly by most games that don't have a compelling story or gameplay, and I have many games that I haven't completed.  But this wasn't the case with Dreamfall.  This game is one of the few games I completed without getting bored a bit.  The gameplay is somewhere between an adventure game and a movie, which is why this game is so great.  The story, the voice acting, the different settings to explore, all this make this game worth playing until you can't physically hold the controller!  Truly remarkable, I give a personal 9.5/10 mark to the developers (the only thing holding it for a perfect score is some minimal camera and controller problems).  If you have a Xbox, grab a copy of this game and enjoy!  Now the question is: when do we get the follow up?