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Duplicate News in NI3 Really Fixed

After a full week on vacation (which was great), I was able to fix one problem that I had with News Interceptor 3 since the beginning.  I actually didn't have the problem very often (or so I thought), but I was getting feedback from my users about this concern.  The problem was when updating NI3 to a new version: all the news duplicated and showed back in the interface, although there was nothing new.  I had quite a problem to actually emulate the problem myself, and was never able to fix it, until today.

Sometimes, a small break truly helps.  This was the case for this specific problem.  A few days away from my desk and I was able to understand why and how this problem happened.  And as it turned out, the fix was actually pretty quick, mainly a problem linked with RSScache not correctly identifying the NI3 users.  The fix is now released (if you are using RSScache in your enterprise's LAN, you should update the Web Service now).

As a NI3 user, you might get one final duplicate of news, but it will be the final one.  From there, all NI3 updates will go without problem.  This fix brings NI3 toward a non-beta release!