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Add video recording in your Xcode project with the Nimbb Library for mobile iOS using Objective-C

Adding video recording on mobile iOS using a camera is not simple.  As we showed previously, using the HTML Media Capture to record video on iOS doesn't cut it (see previous blog post).  Uploading a video file from a mobile device is not convenient and has many drawbacks.  One proposed solution is to use a mobile application (like our Nimbb Video Recorder app) installed on the client's mobile device.  However, our Nimbb-branded app might not fit for all projects.

Today, we are announcing our new Nimbb Library for iOS.  It is now possible to easily add Nimbb video recording into your Xcode projects by using our library.  Simply get the library from our NimbbLibrary-iOS repository on GitHub.  We also included an example application to get you running in no time.

The main advantage of using our Nimbb Library is that you can integrate our technology inside your own app.  This makes it easy to use video recording in an iPhone, iPad and iPod devices.  In addition, you have control over the duration and quality of the recording.  You can even playback a recorded video using our Live/Play function within your application (see the readme file for Objective-C code).

Contact us if you have any questions regarding our new Nimbb Library for iOS.