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Inspirational business story: UltraEdit, the text editor software

Lately I have been thinking about "inspiration" and ways to get some.  One way of doing it is to read someone else's inspirational story.  Yesterday, one popped up in my mind: the story of the founder behind the software UltraEdit.  I still remember when I first read Ian D. Mead's story while browsing the UltraEdit’s website around 10 years ago.

UltraEdit is a full-featured text editor that is in the market since 1994. Back when I started web development, I used UltraEdit to code my HTML/Perl sites.  Little did I know the story of the software I was using; but I did like using it a lot.  Over the years, switching from time to time to other softwares, I always came back to UltraEdit. 

One day, I found and read the story behind the software, and I was amazed.  First, it was a true story from a developer that followed his instinct and his dream.  Second, it was an inspirational story that showed that everything is possible when it comes to success.  At the time, it marked my mind with pictures of my own possible success.

Since the first time I read the story, Ian updated it with more recent facts. I gave it another read and I have to say that it still carries the same flame for inspiration.  In it, Ian explains that God is in fact the source of his success.  I think that what makes a big differentiation between his story and some other stories, is that Ian never doubted and believed that he was guided in his choices.  I think this is very interesting, as it is true that every day we get questioned by others and that it is easy to doubt ourselves.

Today, with the experience I developed over the last decade, I can see parts of myself in Ian's amazing story.  In a way, I also experienced countless bumps in my own road to create a sustainable business (you can read part of this story in my post " The Story, San Francisco's Investors Encounter, Great Roadmap Ahead".

In all inspirational stories, there is this dream of success that can be felt so strongly.  If you need to be reminded what it is like to dream, make sure to give Ian D. Mead's "This is our story God be the glory!" a read.