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How to feel inspired to work on your startup and products

I am not a professional blogger; after all, in the last year, I can count on my hands how many times I posted an article.  As I noticed this today, it got me thinking: how come?  Why is it that sometimes I get inspiration to write many articles in a row, and sometimes I just don't have anything to write?

I think I just got part of the answer today.  I was sitting in my favorite Starbucks with my lovely wife and I decided to start reading a book I bought probably 10 years ago. I never took the time to read it.  The book's pages are even yellowish.  But it's one of the most respected business books on the market: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey.

Passing quickly over the Preface, I stumbled upon a paragraph of the 4th page of the first chapter.  In it, the author is referring at the "Character Ethic", a concept of qualities that could be considered the foundation of success – such as integrity, humility, fidelity, courage and modesty.  In an interesting coincidence, two days ago, I posted an article about "Business Integrity", a concept that I find very important in the business world.  But now, I see that it should be extended to a personal level as well.  Of course, this is implicit, as if you have no integrity as a person, chances you will not be able to apply the concept to your business.

Suddenly, I felt the urge to start writing a new post.  As I considered what to write about, I noticed something.  It's been quite a while, if not at least a year, that I didn't read a book.  And I think this is my mistake and the reason why I didn't write much.

When it comes to source of creation, all places are good to find inspiration.  But more than any other places, books are a great source of inspiration.  After reading a few pages of a book, I already got a new subject to write about.  I think this is what I have been missing lately, and it is a great feeling to feel inspired.

Now, inspiration doesn't apply only to writing blog posts.  It also applies to the business or the product you are developing.  Making sure that you get new ideas is essential.  If you are not doing so currently, take some time off and find a book – business related or not – that you read for an interesting little break.  Chances are that you will get inspired too!