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A beautiful-far-fetched-futuristic idea from Amazon: flying drones

By now, you probably read about Amazon and its idea of delivering packages using flying delivery drones.  Then, you might also have read about the "me-too" startups that supposedly got the idea first.

The question when it comes to building a sustainable and scalable business, beautiful-far-fetched-futuristic ideas like this one are often just a dream.  Startups that try to get the spotlight on just an idea and not an actual working product makes me always think of the story of Facebook VS the Winklevoss twins.  It's easy to say that you got the idea first; it's hard to build the idea into an actual product that people want.  Media sites like to make more headlines using such a technic.

I think that even if the Drones' idea doesn't lift-off, the point is to see how inexhaustible Jeff Bezos is when it comes to bringing new concepts to Amazon. For this reason, I think Amazon is often underestimated in terms of innovation when compared to Google or Apple. But I would definitively give a high value to its long-lasting potential.

What about the realization of this idea?  Although definitively possible in the near future, I think only a company such as Amazon could pull it off.  Make sure to watch the video about Amazon Prime Air.