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Business Integrity: Carve your way to success, just don't be another clone startup kid

For now 5 years, we have continually built and improved our service Nimbb.  The Nimbb API, which allows adding webcam video recording in any project, has found its way in projects of all types from customers of more than 40 countries.

The road to success has not been easy, and it still has its shares of obstacles.  Over the years, we have seen competitors try to copy our idea.  Some even used our Nimbb name to promote their businesses on their sites or in advertisements.  Every time I see another competitor using our brand name, I smile; I can affirm that we have succeeded at building a successful webcam video recording service that others look at as their main source of inspiration.

Sure, I smile at the idea at what Nimbb represents to others.  Of course, when you think about it, if you are going after a similar market share as a competitor, you will choose the competitor's name that is the most recognized as the market leader.  When I see things like "Better than Nimbb" or "John has selected our product over Nimbb", I just think: "here's another startup kid trying to copy us".

And startup kids, there are plenty.  Why "kids"?  These are people that have no knowledge about the real world, real marketing and real business.  They try to attract customers by adding false testimonials on their sites and even copy our site's layout.  But what they don't know is that customers do not care about how "cheap your solution X is compared to competitor Y".  No matter how many fake testimonials those kids add on their sites or how similar their site looks, customers can see the difference.

With Nimbb, we have real testimonials. We have real case studies.  From the start, we built our service around something invisible that most startup kids don't understand about: the Business Integrity.

Our Business Integrity is the fact that everything we announce, every customer relationship we have and every marketing announcement on our site are true.  Trust and reputation are the most important concepts for our company.  Nimbb has the highest reputation in its market and we want a continual trust with our customers.

Cloning a service is easy. Heck, we even sometimes receive calls from competitors trying to pass as potential customers to get more information about how we do business.  At that, I still smile: those kids are doomed.  Never did I call a competitor to know how they do things.  Calling a competitor is a sign that you are not in control of your business model.  If you need to copy someone else and get the ideas from them to develop your own product, you are better off giving up now.

Of course, it is possible to come up with an idea similar to a competitor in a specific market.  But always try to be unique.  Think about what your project will bring to the market that will differentiate it in the crowd.  We have seen in the past companies creating new ways of solving existing problems, and this is admirable.  They bring something fresh and they do not clone some other product.

Great leaders do not copy others. They carve their ways into the future with their own mind.  The next time you feel like using a competitor's name or cloning someone's work: don't.  Be in charge of your own destiny; just don’t become another startup kid.