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Introducing Nimble Ball - puzzle/action game in Flash

We are proud to announce the release of a new project called Nimble Ball.  Nimble Ball is a challenging puzzle/action game that you can play in your browser (it requires Flash 11.4.0 or later).  The point of the game is to move a small ball around a map using the arrow keys, pick up all goodies and get to the exit, all without falling off the floor.

Try the game now:

The original idea for this game came in 1998.  The game, then designed for Windows and DirectX 5, was never completed but did see an early beta release.  The incomplete game did manage to attract some players to design maps using the built-in editor.

We decided to re-create the game with a modern look and make it run within browers for quick play and easy sharing.  Like the original prototype, the new release also features a built-in editor that allows you to create, play and share your own maps very easily.

Nimble Ball is currently in version "alpha 1", which means that this game is far from complete.  However, you can already start enjoying it.  Send us your comments and suggestions through our contact form on the site.