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Google Checkout: nowhere near PayPal

When doing business, we want to offer the most options to our customers.  This is also true for payment options.  Most customers know PayPal and it is a great service to make purchases safely.

However, other options like Google Checkout must also be considered by any business.  That’s why we tried to give it a go.

What seemed to first be an easy process to signup, finally stopped short after only a few minutes.  In fact, Google Checkout doesn’t seem to allow any user outside of USA or UK, as the first form you stumble upon only offers those two countries.  In our case, being in Canada, we are blocked right away.

This lack of country support would not be as bad as the fact that Google offers no phone support or easy contact information anywhere on the Checkout site.  I’m thinking ahead as a business guy here and wondering: what happens when you have an issue with a client that you want to solve in their system?  Are you stuck to writing on those horrible Google forums?

In comparison, PayPal’s service is incredible.  Not everything is perfect (we saw some customers having issue in completing a payment), but at least every time we called PayPal, we had an answer right away.  And most of the time, the PayPal’s personnel is very well trained and offers good answers.

Now, I understand better why Google can’t compete with PayPal.  Unless Google starts taking serious their service offering and opens doors to many more countries, I continue to see their service as a marginal way of sending a few bucks to the USA.