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Like us on Facebook Can Publishers Survive in an RSS Age?

I was reading an article just published on about RSS and their publishers.  Although nothing new is to be learned from this article, we can all understand something out of it: it seems like the publishers are finally getting the message.  For months, many Web sites started offering RSS without truly understanding what to do with the technology and how it will affect the way readers get the content.  Well, this could now be changing.

Publishers are now seeing that there is a new market with the RSS feeds, and now want to cash in with this technology.  As I previously explained, this market is there already and it's possible to monetize it.

Another question is the incredible growth of RSS usage.  Sites like Bloglines have seen a 300 percent growth in a few months.  This brings another issue that I previously noted in a post: how can a publisher manage such a growth?  This could be a problem to many small publishers that don't have enough technical resources.  And with IE7 coming up, I hope all those servers are ready for the increased load coming up.

I think publishers are starting to understand the potential of RSS.  Finally.