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The challenge of creating User Generated Content Videos

When it comes to video content, displaying videos to your site’s visitors is no longer an issue.  You can use an online service like YouTube to share your videos.  If you need something professional, then you can use an online video platform like Brightcove.   Both platforms make video hosting easy.

The biggest challenge today is with the creation of user generated content (UGC).  That is, how can you convert your visitors from passive observers into content generating users?  You might have asked your visitors to upload their videos using an upload-file form and hoped to receive hundreds of new videos per month.  The reality, however, is that if the process of creating something takes more than a few clicks, the majority of web users will not participate.  That’s true no matter the size of your site or how active your community of visitors is.

Take for example Amazon.  They used to have a link on every product page saying "Add your video review".  The process was that someone would record a video with his camera, then copy the file to his computer, then upload the file to Amazon and hopefully get all this right before the user gets bored.  The problem?  Too many steps, non-intuitive solution, no fun to use.  The end result?  Amazon pulled the video reviews from their site.

Is it that user generated content videos are not possible or not realistic?  No.  The problem is that the technology must not block the end result.

Now, for your own site, you will want to make it easy for users to submit videos.  Most users have webcam on their computers and it no longer makes sense to ask them to "upload a file".  What you need to do is to let them record a video with their webcam, directly from your site.  It must be a seamlessly experience for the user.  It must be instantaneous.  It must be easy.  It must be done in a few clicks.  Technology must be there to help the user in the process.

The solution is the use a webcam video recording service.  Nimbb is a unique service that allows adding video recording seamlessly, instantly, easily and all within 3 clicks.  It can’t be easier for the user nor the developer.  Once you use Nimbb into your site, creating UGC videos is no longer a challenge; it’s now a question of inviting the users to share their feelings.

Where most sites or people have seen UGC videos as something impossible or too hard to do, I see this as an opportunity when you have the right tools.  People are no longer shy to share their image on the web, neither to record videos and discuss to a virtual group on the Net.  When you have a great tool to let your visitors create their own content, and that they find your site appealing, then they will dedicate their energy into building great content.

To see how you can easily use Nimbb into your site, have a look at this video tutorial:

Then, visit the site at

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Comment by JUDYFASHION on 2012/06/20:
wow, a great tool!