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Be creative and think outside the box

This is no secret: to be an entrepreneur, you need to be creative.  First, you need an idea.  Often, your idea implies research so that you can find a way to build your product.  I’ve been through an uncountable amount of months in research.  This is a hard part in the process of building a product, and a lot of entrepreneurs lose focus and often fail there.

Sometimes, I will read an article on the Web not related to what I’m looking for.  Surprisingly, a few days or weeks later, I’ll be searching back for this article, as it sparked an idea in my mind.  I could not expect it at first read of the article, but later I see a purpose.  I did a connection.

Problem is, a lot of entrepreneurs are close-minded when it comes to connections.  For example, I received an email not long ago from a developer saying that the way we do our Flash integration with Nimbb is not right (in his mind).  Question is, what is right and what is not right, in a technology world, when it works?

To be able to make Nimbb work correctly by embedding it into a Flash application, we had to go through a hard R&D process, as somehow Flash is lacking this functionality.  Or should I say, Flash is too secure and doesn’t allow the embedding process in an easy way.  After a lot of trying, we finally found the way that not only makes Nimbb work perfectly with all its features (events, methods and parameters), but also with a minimum of modification of the code of our player, keeping it 100% cross-platform for Web and Flash at the same time.

Of course, if you think of Flash and components, Adobe would not offer our solution as a way to do it.  Why?  Well, probably they didn’t think about it in the first place.  To achieve our goal of embedding Nimbb into Flash, we had to think outside of the box that Adobe provides.  We had to go a step further and ask ourselves: "okay, there’s no way to do it with the current examples on the web provided by the Flash community.  How can we hack our programming to make this still work?"

The Flash developer that contacted us was unhappy because it seemed that we didn’t follow the "normal" component development process.  Maybe to his eyes, but not to ours.  Creating a successful product is all about "thinking differently" (Apple/Steve Jobs).  If you are close-minded and you think that you should always follow the rules, you will fail as an entrepreneur.  Innovation comes from those who bend the rules a little.

Today, I’m also proud to say that once again, we thought outside of the box, with the release of a new feature.  You can now add the Nimbb Player into an Adobe Air application.  Again, this was a hard process to achieve to the final solution, but I’m glad that we did and now our customers have one more way to use our technology into their products.