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Costco: only one available - $102,999.99 diamond ring!

Disclamer: this post has nothing to do with startup, business or Nimbb!  This is just for fun :)

I just received my weekly Costco saving newsletter.  I was browsing the things for sale, like a Garmin GPS at $189.99 (after $40 saving), a Christmas tree at $249.99 (after $50 saving) or even a popcorn machine at $299.99 (after $50 saving).

But then, in the middle of all those low priced articles, I see it: the ring of all women's dream.  A beautiful VS2 color H platinum diamond ring!!!  Look at that:

Attracted by the picture, I then notice the price (I'll put it in bigger font so you read right):


Of course, I click on the link to see if I can "Buy it now" with my Visa (heck, I would even do it with my PayPal account).  Unfortunately, you can't buy online with either Visa, Mastercard or PayPal.  Maybe Square will allow, who knows!  Well, I guess my wife will have to pass on this one gift :)

By the way, they only have one in stock, so you better hurry to the store!  Here's the link to the ring.  Also, they do the delivery to your home (nice).  Good luck with your buy!

PS.  Here's the image of the newsletter: