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Thumbs Up to Advertisement in RSS Feeds

Well this was a concern to many: how do advertisements in RSS feeds really perform?  It was a concern to us also and I was eager to get the stats on this.  For the last two weeks, we have been running our updated feed advertisement system in RSScache, which now generate either inline ads (as a clickable image) or standalone ads (as a news).  We thought the click-through ratio would be less than Web advertisement system.  To our surprise, the click-through ratio of feed advertisement is about the same, and sometimes better, than Web advertisement!

One part of this success is the introduction of our standalone ads into the feeds.  These ads have a lot more visibility than inline ads and are clicked 5 to 10 times more.  The question remaining is: how much ads can we put in the feed without shocking the end-user?

For our current default advertisement settings, we set the display interval to every 10 news for inline ads and to every 100 news for standalone ads.  Of course, our webmasters can change these setting, like shown here:

Ad settings

With our current default settings, we haven't seen any signs of users intolerant to this level of ads.  Actually, the ad transition went like a snap.  It seems that the two years old mentality of "I don't want ads into the feeds I subscribe to" has changed.  End-users have now come to accept the fact that advertisement in feeds is inevitable.

Well this is an interesting topic.  I shall keep you posted in the upcoming weeks as I get more relevant stats from our RSScache system.