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Xobni Hack's Best Overall: Nimbb Gadget

When I read the article on TechCrunch "Xobni Makes Your Outlook Inbox Smarter With New Gadget Store", I thought of developing a gadget using Nimbb.  For a while I had this in mind to integrate Nimbb to Outlook to enable video emails.  Using Xobni (which I didn't use before), it would make the development process much easier.  I knew that using the Nimbb API, I could have this up and running fast.

I went on the following day and signed-up as a developer.  I had a look at the Welcome gadget that serves as the only example to get started with Xobni.  It was kind of hard to get started, so I put that aside, until I received an email on May 5th with the title "Your Exclusive Invite to Hack for Arrington".  I first thought this was spam and almost deleted the thing.  On second thought, I had a look and it was the Xobni Contest Hack.

Having a contest plus a few interesting judges -- Michael Arrington (TechCrunch), Joseph Smarr (Google) and David Lee (SV Angels) – made this more interesting, so I went on ahead with the development of a Nimbb Gadget for Xobni. [Note: I think there was also a fourth one, Mark Weitzel]

After a first encounter developing using the Google Gadget framework, I finally managed to complete the Nimbb Gadget in time for the Xobni Hack.  I couldn't go to San Francisco, so I did a screencast that the guys at Xobni showed at the event.

In the end, the judges voted for Nimbb as the Best Overall Gadget!  Nice, now waiting to receive my prize -- a Xoom tablet:) See blog post from Xobni about the event.

Stay tuned to see the gadget online soon!