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Mosquitoes Be Scared: We're Fighting Malaria with Web 2.0

Malaria is still killing nearly 800,000 people each year and afflicting 225 million.  It's a tragedy considering that the disease is treatable and preventable.  As the World Malaria Day is upon us, non-profit organizations need our help.

Doctors Without Borders has just created a new campaign called "Kiss Malaria Goodbye" to accept donations.  What makes this campaign different is that the site embraces the use of Web 2.0 like social media integrations (Facebook, Twitter) and videos (YouTube, Nimbb).  This is the video of the campaign shared on Youtube:

The site has a simple yet effective way of delivering information about Malaria.  One can choose to make a donation, upload a kiss or join the cause.  The site emphases on video and allows visitors to show their support by recording themselves giving a kiss in front of their webcam.  This can be done by the integration of the Nimbb Player inside the website, making the video recording very easy.

By using all these Web 2.0 tools, Doctors Without Borders is making sure that it reaches as many people as it can.  The social aspect of the site will spread even further their campaign.  It is quite an interesting achievement.

Please make a donation!

[Disclaimer: our company, D2Soft Technologies Inc., is developing the Nimbb technology that is used by the site.  We are happy to see that the Nimbb API is used for great causes like this one.]