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1600+ Unique RSS Readers, And Growing!

I just did a quick look over some of our stats.  I calculated how many unique User Agent names identifying different RSS readers are accessing our service.  For example, News Interceptor is a user agent and Opera is another.  As it appears, we get hit by about 1662 unique readers.  I removed quite a bit of Mozilla/4 and 5 entries, so I'm not even counting here all those readers that use the same user agent name as IE or Netscape (could easily add 1000 other readers to this list).  I also kept in my stats the readers that had some versioning information provided.  For example Opera/8.0 is counted, as is Opera/8.51.

So what does this number tell us?  This: RSS is accessible to anyone, to any developer.  If you have 5 minutes, you can write your own reader that can download some RSS content. 

Based on this fact, it pretty much shows the direct connection of all those RSS readers and their bad-behaving issues regarding bandwidth and crawling feeds.  As I explained in a previous post, it's pretty clear that not half of those readers implement correctly the RSS specifications.

We should see this number of readers grow quite a bit in the following months.  I'll keep track of it for you!