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Welcome to Crunch Mode Blog


Just completed the build of this blogging engine and I'm ready to roll in this blog titled Crunch Mode.  I'm Benjamin Berube, main developer of D2Soft Technologies.  This blog is intended to keep you informed about the development of our products and other technology-related news.  I use a lot of Microsoft-related technologies, so you should get a lot of these in this blog.

To get you started, you should know that D2Soft Technologies has two flagship products: RSScache and News Interceptor.  RSScache is mainly aimed at Enterprises and Webmasters.  It allows you to manage your RSS and ultimately, optimize the bandwidth usage.  News Interceptor is a Windows client aggregator for RSS, RDF and Atom feeds.  We use Microsoft .Net Framework technology for development of both products.

I want to keep this first post short.  Before I finish, why Crunch Mode?  As you might know, Crunch Mode refers to very long consecutive development hours, usually a state where you are highly productive.  No need to mention that as a developer, I get more often than I could imagine in this state of mind.  Not recommended for everybody though!

Thanks for joining.